Sunday, 10 January 2016


An incident which provoked me to write this blog....

I was supposed to give a seminar to a gang of college girls on a self development n mediation workshop in one of the hostel....

One of the volunteer went to each n every room to encourage girls to participate for the same. When I reached I found out the entire campus with buzzing with ppl to be a part of the rock band concert that's suppose to happen that particular eve. There were just 2 girls waiting for my talk.

Sensing the mood of the crowd I decided to give the talk later n went to watch a movie for a change with that volunteer.

On the way I asked her to call one of the other volunteer to join for the movie...

After a day, one of my colleague tells me that I cancelled the 2 big talks because I wanted to go for the movie...

I was shocked listening to this n I called both the girls n made them talk to each other in front of my colleague.

Sometimes I simply wonder... If people have nothing positive to talk about why do they talk negative!!

It's so simple to loose awareness n talk negative about people which yeilds no results, yet at the same time being aware n not getting into the trap so difficult.

Thank u for teaching me the lesson.

I feel sorry for those who gossip!!

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